Our heartfelt love and gratitude for your donations, which help to bring Satsang to those hearts calling for Truth.

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Mooji Foundation is a UK registered charity which helps to bring Mooji’s pointings, presence and love to people all around the world so they can discover what their hearts have longed for: true freedom. Mooji Foundation provides support for open Satsangs, international Satsang events and the development and growth of Monte Sahaja ashram in Portugal. The charity also supports the many online channels where Satsang is openly shared so that thousands of people worldwide can access these teachings and discover freedom right where they are. In addition, the charity helps to provide a free translation service which is offered during events and for many online Satsangs in a variety of languages. The ongoing translations serves those who wish to listen to Satsang in their native language. Mooji Foundation also provides scholarships and concessions for those who are unable to participate in a Satsang with Moojibaba due to financial constraints.

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